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jueves, 19 de diciembre de 2013

Stock market participants

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In a previous article we talked about the major stock markets of the world and the stocks ​​that are traded regularly in these places, besides the fact that these exchanges were scattered around the world, tending to be located mostly in countries with highly developed economies such as United States, Japan, Germany, Canada and China among other. We also explained that these markets bring together the largest companies in different sectors. This time we will explain who is who in these markets, ie who are their participants.

Issuers of securities

 Issuers of securities are trusts or companies that issue securities for sale in order to finance their investments or to obtain the working capital for normal operations in addition to its main objective which is to raise savings from the investing public.  The two types of emissions offered by them are the fixed income and equities.

Stock exchanges

The stock exchanges are companies or financial institutions that provide all facilities for the market to develop and the achievement of buying and selling transactions of shares. These entities have supervisory, licensing and regulation funtions over exchange posts and agents. Also they are responsible for establishing procedures for transparency in price formation.


Investors are people who spend their resources in the acquisition of shares, debentures or other securities. Its main aim is to profit from their investments.

Price Suppliers

These are corporations whose objective is the provision of professional services of calculation, determination and provision of valuation prices for financial instruments.

Rating agencies

The risk rating agencies are those entities which have the function of issuing credit ratings of the securities. This calculation is expressed on a scale of letters and numbers that indicate the ability to pay of an issuer.


The custodians are responsible for the care and conservation of cash and securities related to these and belonging to an entity. Moreover they also cover issuer's securities. Registration of ownership is a means used to that after custody, the custodian returns the the issuer's securities ​​as they were delivered.

Market Regulator

A market regulator is in charge of the supervision and regulation of the market. Investor protection is the primary mission of the this type of entities which seek to ensure transparency, orderly pricing and dissemination of adequate and timely information to all market players so that everyone get all the information regarding the same and trade under equally conditions.

Exchange posts

The functions of these entities are the purchase and sales of securities on behalf of its clients, managing individual investment portfolios and investor advice about buying and selling securities on the stock exchange.

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