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jueves, 12 de diciembre de 2013

The Main Stock Exchanges

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list of the main Stock Exchanges

As discussed in a previous article, investments in stock exchanges are activities that require a strong sense of patience and predictive ability to know what is the ideal time to buy or sell certain stocks.  Now if you are interested in the idea to enter the exciting world of stock trading, this is the moment to study the most important stock exchanges worldwide.

Shenshen SE

Along with the Shanghai Stock Exchange and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, this is one of the main three stock exchanges in China. Its headquarters are located in the sub-provincial city of Shenzhen in Guangdong province, Republic of China.

By July 2013, this market traded with a net worth of $1.263 trillion having 1,537 listed companies.

SE Australian

This stock exchange is headquartered in Sydney, Australia. It has 2,048 registered companies and their value to July 2013 reached to $ 1.275 trillion dollars registered. It was created in 2006 and it is the main stock exchange of Australia.

The major market index is the S & P / ASX 200 and has products and services such as exchange-traded options, contracts for difference, warrants, futures, mutual funds and ETFs, etc.

Deutsche Börse

Its market value is $ 1.524 trillion registered to July 2013, and it is headquartered in the city of Frankurt in the state of Hesse, Germany.  This market consists of 731 companies (including financial institutions, companies and investors in general) to which it offers the opportunity to access the major world markets.

Toronto Stock Exchange

The Toronto Stock Exchange (RMX group) has a value of 2.002 trillion registered to July 2013. This market has 3,944 listed companies which can be traded in this exchange. It is headquartered in Toronto, Canada. It is considered as the third largest in North America.

The main operations performed include: exchange traded funds, exchange of conventional values​​, open share companies, trusts and income funds.

Shanghai SE

With a value of $2.302 billion recorded in July 2013, this stock exchange has 954 listed companies which can be traded daily in this market. This exchange, unlike other Chinese stock markets, is only open to domestic investors and closed to foreign investors.

Hong Kong Exchanges

Its headquarters are located in Hong Kong (Republic of China), and has 1,575 companies listed on the stock exchange. Currently, its value amounts to $2.773 trillion USD. Being the fifth largest worldwide it operates a stock market and clearinghouses for Hong Kong markets and the derivatives market in Hong Kong. PetroChina, Industrial Bank, Commercial Bank of China and China Mobile are the four largest companies listed on this exchange.

London SE Group

This stock exchange has 2,741 companies with a total value of $3.890 trillion registered in July 2013. In this market are traded different stocks ​​according to profiles of different companies. For larger companies there is a plan called The Premium Listed Main Market, for smaller companies London SE applies the Alternative Investment Market and for international companies that are outside the EU the exchange uses the system certificate of deposit.

Japan Exchange Group - Tokyo

Headquartered in Tokyo it has a value of $4.218 trillion registered in July 2013 and has 3,411 listed companies. Its main indices are Nikkei 225, TOPIX index and the J30 index. It has three sections which are separated by the company size: the first for larger companies, the second for medium companies and one for fast-growing companies but with a short period of release.


Headquartered in New York this stock exchange has 2,579 listed companies and in July 2013 had a market value of $ 5.459 Trillion .

This exchange also includes stocks of over 7,000 small and medium value companies. It is the larguest electronic and automated stock exchange in United States. Its most representative indices are the Nasdaq 100 and the Nasdaq Composite.

One of its most important features is that lists of high-tech companies in electronics, information technology, biotechnology , telecommunications, etc. .

NE Euronext (US)

With a market value of $16.506 trillion this is the world's largest stock exchange. Headquartered in New York this exchange has 2,342 listed companies. This market offers as main products and services: stocks, futures , options , exchange-traded products , bonds, commercial technology solutions and market data.

Now that we have reviewed the list of the most important and valuable stock markets in the world we must decide which one is recommended to invest our capital and with what companies. But this will be a topic for a later article.

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