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martes, 2 de septiembre de 2014

SpeedTrader Broker

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Broker de acciones&Forex regulado SpeedTrader

SpeedTrader is a regulated stock broker from United States which is specialized in stocks and options (options based in these shares) of the major stock exchanges in the United States and Canada. This broker offers various trading platforms (web-based and desktop) designed for buy, sell, or trade stock options & stocks. The broker noted for its low fees and its fast trade executions. The following overview shows the main features of this broker.

Key Features of the broker Speedtrader

BrokerSpeedTrader, owned by Stock USA Execution Services
Country of originIts headquarters are located in New York.
Year founded1999
RegulationThis broker is registered and regulated by the following financial regulators: 
  • FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) of United States. 
  • NFA (National Futures Association) in the United States.
Type of brokerIt is a stock and options broker.
Trading accountsSpeedTrader offers the following types of trading accounts: 
  • Single: The personal trading account of SpeedTrader, which allows to trade with all the instruments offered by this broker. 
  • Joint: A joint trading account whose ownership is shared by more than one person. 
  • Custodial: These are accounts opened by an adult on behalf of a minor. 
  • Margin accounts: These accounts are designed for traders who wish to trade on margin.
    Types of trading instruments
    • Stocks: Stocks and ETF of the major stocks markets in United States and Canada, such as NASDAQ and NYSE. 
    • Options: Financial options based on shares of American and Canadian markets. In this case these are American style options. 
    • Bonds: United States government bonds. 
    • Mutual Funds: The most important mutual funds of United States.
    Trading platformsSpeedTrader offers a lot of trading platforms to operate with different investment instruments offered. These applications are: 
    • SpeedTrader ActiveWeb: A web-based platform designed to trade with shares and options. This application offers Real-Time Level 1 Quote Data, Option Chains, Risk-Management Tools and more.
    • SpeedTrader Pro: It is a professional trading platform which specializes in stock and option trading. This application has many trading features such as Fast Trade Executions + Level II, Direct Access Order Routing, Advanced Charting, Supports Multiple Screens and more.
    • Mobile Trading Platform & Level-2 Trading iOS App: Is an application designed to trade with shares and options from mobile devices like the iPad, iPhone and other smartphones.
      Margin account minimumSpeedTrader's margin account minimum is $2000.
      • Stock: $0.0044 per share, or $ 4.65 per transaction for accounts with a balance greater than $ 25,000 or $ 6.95 per transaction for accounts with a balance less than $ 25,000. 
      • Options: $0.50 per contract. Exercise or assignment of contract charges the trader a commission of $ 30.
      Routing Fees
      • NASDAQ: $0.002
      • NYSE: $0.0014
      • Edge: $0.002
      Minimum deposit to open an account
      • $500 for the regular accounts in cash. 
      • $2000 for margin accounts. 
      Depending on the financial instrument, the trading account requires the following minimum deposit: 
      • The minimum account balance is $2,000 to trade with options. 
      • The minimum account balance is $25,000 to open a day trading account for stock trading.
      Options to deposit / withdraw funds
      • Wire transfer. 
      • Credit card. 
      • Cheque.
      Demo accountSpeedTrader offers a demo account for a period of 30 days.
      • The broker SpeedTrader is offering a $100 bonus to those trades who refer a new client who open a trading account and deposit funds.
      Trading contest-At the moment this broker does not offer trading contests.
      Ventajas adicionales para el trader
      • SpeedTrader is a properly registered and regulated broker in United States. 
      • The client can trade up to 1,000,000 shares per order on our per-trade pricing
      • SpeedTrader gives customers direct access to major stock exchanges in the United States and Canada through more than 50 routes. 
      • Fast trade executions.
      • This broker offers various options of trading platforms to trade with stocks and options.
      • SpeedTrader offers the possibility to trade in the stock market from mobile devices. 
      • It offers several options for trader education, including seminars, free webinars, video tutorials and other similar resources. 
      • Through its website, offers several trading resources as market news, live quotes and price charts. 
      • Various automated trading solutions.
      SpeedTrader website

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