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domingo, 19 de octubre de 2014

Stock trading platform EquityFeed

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¿What is EquityFeed?

EquityFeed is a real-time platform for traders interested in the stock market. This application integrates seamlessly with the most popular stock brokers and allows instant execution of transactions and it was also designed to provide the greatest benefits to traders who trade regularly in the U.S equity markets. It is a modern suite that includes multiple trading tools and is revolutionizing the way in which traders follow the stock market in real time to find opportunities when they arise. This professional grade platform puts the "small trader" in such a position that it can discover the opportunities presented by the market, and trade in the highest level possible.

Main features of EquityFeed

  • Ultra-Powerful Stock Scanning: The trader can create powerful custom filters for intraday trading. This allows to find stocks in which trader want to trade rather than pursue and search the markets to find them. The stock search at its finest.
  • Complete alert management: EquityFeed provides a tool for pattern recognition alert based on high probability technical events as they occur in real time. Thus, the trader can trade stocks that are reaching new highs, new lows, breaking price averages, breaking volume averages, moving large blocks of shares and more.
  • A news service for traders: A quick and advanced News Streamer for active traders that trade based on market news. The system has interesting filtering capabilities with access to real-time news.
  • An advanced market monitoring system: An advanced system that displays entire stock markets ranked and sorted in any way the trader wants, all in real time. This system can significantly change the way the trader finds and selects stocks of his/her interest.
  • Advanced System charts and technical indicators: A complete set of charts and technical indicators incorporated, allowing the trader refine decisions on when to buy or sell a specific stock. This application is clean and compact and is presented in the form of a window that delivers all the real-time data needed to size up a stock before pulling the trigger.
  • Level II Quotes: Level 2 quotes of EquityFeed shows the order book of any stock with all market makers that are aligned in the Bid and Ask prices. The Level 2 package includes characteristics that are not found on other platforms, such as the MM Activity Log.
  • Personal alerts: Limit Alerts feature is an excellent tool for market alerts of different types. A user friendly window allows the trader to receive real-time alerts when a certain share has important news or crosses a specified threshold such as price, Volume, Bid, Ask, Change and more.
  • Stock observation lists: An application that allows the trader to monitor the most important stocks of its portfolio. The trader is able to follow the changing quotes in real time of his/her favorite stocks as any breaking news or events that can impact them.

EquityFeed Plans and Costs

EquityFeed offers 3 monthly subscription plans:

Succeed Plan Triumph Plan Dominate Plan
Cost/month 99 USD 149 USD 229 USD
Market view
Chart montage
Power list
Integrated Trading
Layout manager
Stock Scanner
News Streamer
Level 2 Quotes
MM Activity log
Filter Builder

Trading Alerts

Personal Alerts

Todos los planes incluyen datos actualizados de todos los mercados de valores de Estados Unidos: NASDAQ, NYSE AMEX, OTC: BB & OTC!

Free Trial

EquityFeed offers a 30 days free trial. No credit card is required to test drive this trading platform. The user will have full, unrestricted access to the entire platform with all U.S. equity markets including NASDAQ, NYSE, AMEX and OTC Markets. All quote data and news during the 30 days trial is 100% streaming in absolute real-time.

Are you interested in EquityFeed? You can find more information here:

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