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lunes, 22 de diciembre de 2014

The four predictions for 2015 made by billionaires investors

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Based on the letters of shareholders and other writings of major investors like George Soros, Carl Icahn, Steve Mandel, as well as data collected by iBillionaire, here are four predictions for next year:

USA is the best place to invest

Europe just dodged the recession in November, but the region has not run out of danger yet. Billionaire George Soros addressed the issue, stating "the European Union in general and the euro area in particular has lost its way after the financial crisis of 2008."

In other words, Europe has not recovered. In its third quarter report to investors of Lone Pine Capital, Steve Mandel, highlighted the pace of the stock market of the United States in 2014, driven by what he called a large cap "triumvirate".

Apple is undervalued

In November, The Economist asked the billionaire investor Carl Icahn about what is his advice to make profit in 2015. His answer? On a more serious tone said: Look at Apple.

The billionaire, who owns 53 million shares of Apple, believes that Apple is greatly undervalued, and he provided an explanation of why: "The answer is a widespread misunderstanding among investors and analysts on Wall Street: they think Apple is a hardware company, when in fact it is a company that sells an entire ecosystem of hardware, software and services. "


In late September, eBay surprised the market by announcing plans to rescind PayPal in 2015 - a move that spent much of 2014 trying to avoid-. And since then, there have not been many comments about what the transaction will involve.

Loeb said he was confident about the division in his last letter to investors. "Following the split, eBay/PayPal will offer two attractive growth profiles, relative value and return capital to investors," he wrote, saying eBay could be worth more than double its value prior to division.


Speaking of activism, that's another trend that billionaires are taken into account in 2015. In fact, many heavyweights of hedge funds  have already started their movements in their next big bet  for activism.

Bill Ackman caused surprise in November with the release of a share of 8.3% in the Pfizer - Zoetis (ZTS) separation. Within the filing to regulators, the investor hints at a potential push of activism, and Ackman devotes an entire page of his letter to investors of the animal health company.

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